California Facility Assists in New Qantas Livery

On October 27th, Qantas debuted its new livery on VH-QPJ, a freshly painted A330 from our Victorville, California facility. Our team was thrilled to play a part in the re-design, which took about two weeks to complete. Reflecting on the new look, Alan Joyce, Qantas Group CEO, said in a statement, “We wanted to make sure our brand remained familiar but we also wanted it to be more modern and dynamic.” Since the original red and white livery was introduced in 1944, this latest re-design constitutes only the fifth update in the livery’s seventy-two year history.

Our high desert hangars served as an ideal location for this project, which had to operate and execute the new livery under much discretion until the formal reveal. Having facilitated numerous re-designs for other commercial carriers in the past (American, Southwest, Alaska to name a few), the VCV crew, in conjunction with the Qantas team and other OEM representatives, executed the plan flawlessly.

Victorville was lauded by Qantas who said that the Leading Edge team was fantastic to work with and the exceptional paint finish is testimony to the great pride they take in their work.

Although it’s only been a few weeks since the reveal, the new branding is already being implemented across the airline’s social media, signage and advertising. Qantas plans to have the entire fleet repainted in time for the airline’s centenary in 2020.

Qantas – We thank you for your partnership and look forward to painting more ‘roos with you in the future!

For more information on the new look, check out the Qantas press release.

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