Irish Aviation Authority MRO Award for Eirtech Aviation.

Eirtech Aviation has won a second successive award in the Irish Aviation Awards, which were held recently in Dublin Ireland.

The awards are set up to recognise the achievements of Irish based companies in the Irish Aviation and Aerospace community. Eirtech won the ‘MRO Achievement Award’, which was awarded in recognition of Eirtech embracing new paint technologies such as ‘Basecoat / Clearcoat’ and using them to offer a better customer experience.

The Basecoat / Clearcoat technology allow Eirtech to apply more complex liveries in a quicker time, thus minimising customer turnaround time. In addition, the new paint helps to promote the airline customer’s brand image by giving higher levels of durability over a longer period. The award also recognised Eirtech’s role out of production processes throughout the IAC group production sites.

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