IAC Paints Southwest Airlines Imua One Livery

IAC Paints Southwest Airlines Imua One Livery 3IAC proudly completes Southwest Airlines most recent custom paint scheme on a Boeing 737MAX.  Imua One is a revitalizing cry in the Hawaiian language that means encouraging forward.  This is especially special to our company as we have been painting the Southwest Airlines fleet for over 20 years.  The aircraft graphics highlight five stars for each of the Hawaiian Islands, six paddlers in an outrigger canoe, and six turtles in two gatherings of three, embellished close to the nose of the aircraft, there is a lei, the major color theme includes strong blue, warm red, and dawn yellow.  The fading of the colors on the aircraft slope progressing from blue to yellow represent night to day and praises the Hawaiian history of venturing the Pacific Ocean utilizing wind and heading in the direction of the sun, stars, and the moon!

Southwest was kind enough to invite Chris Richardson and Curtis Howell from the IAC Spokane, Washington team, who both had a critical role in painting the graphics, often by freehand & focusing on the SWA vision on the newest special livery.IAC has painted all of the other state-themed 737’s in Southwest’s fleet + Freedom One:

  • IAC Paints Southwest Airlines Imua One Livery 4Arizona One
  • California One
  • Colorado One
  • Florida One
  • Illinois One
  • Lone Star One
  • Maryland One
  • Missouri One
  • Nevada One
  • New Mexico One
  • Tennessee One
  • Louisiana One
  • Freedom One


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