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This Part 145 Repair Station Certifies station serving more than 125 aircraft per year for a diverse OEM and airline customer base. This facility is AS9100 Certified with 1 wide body hangar that will fit up to a B747-400. With a workforce of approximately 120 employees, the facility operates 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 360 days a year.

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Herb Curtis

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4601 N. Main St, Hangar 39, North Fort Worth, TX 76106

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Hangar Capacity
1 wide body hangar up to B747-400

US Coast Guard, Air New Zealand, GoJet, Endeavor, Compass, Air Methods

Fire Suppression
Fire Suppression for Hangar 39 N consists of a foam/deluge system capable of supplying 12,000 gallons of water per minute with 1% AFFF foam concentrate thru the sprinkler system and 2 ea. foam canons in the hangar. The rest of the building is protected by sprinklers. Fire Station 44 is a fully equipped and manned ARFF qualified fire station located inside the secured area of the airport ¼ mile down the runway, with a mandatory response time of 3 minutes to the hangar. Fire Station 25 is located outside the secure area of the airport, also ¼ mile down the street from the facility.

Air Filtration
The air filtration system consists of eight make-up air units and 12 ea. exhaust assemblies that was rated by Neundorfer Engineers as achieving 10.5 complete air exchanges within the hangar every hour. The ventilation system is tripled filtered for both the intake and exhaust with blanket HEPA filters. The make-up air units can provide more than eight million BTUs of heat, if required and there are thirty infrared heaters directed at all portions of the aircraft. We monitor our differential pressure gages daily and as the filter thresh holds established by the manufacturer are approached, they are changed out.

Hazardous Waste Disposal
The hangar wash water system is protected by floor drains that capture contaminated water in an underground tank that has no outlet. All water is processed thru an OilTrap coalescent filtration system with the final stage being carbon polished and sent to a 10,000 gallon waste water tank. The hazardous wash water sludge is trapped and sent to a TSD for proper disposal. The remaining waste water is sampled by the City Of Fort Worth Pre-Treatment Services and we are allowed to discharge directly into the sanitary sewer while being constantly monitored by the City. We have always been within the authorized regulatory limits and have been recognized by the City as being 100% in compliance every year with all areas of waste handling and we were presented with multiple Star Awards. We practice waste minimization and recycling where possible.

Security is achieved by a central point of entrance into the main building where all visitors are greeted, signed in, and properly badged. All visitors, contractors, etc. are escorted by company personnel unless they have been approved by the GM/Chief Inspector/EHS Manager to have unescorted badges. All employees receive training to recognize and challenge or report unattended personnel to supervision. The secure area of the airport is controlled by locked access gates, which are only opened by members of supervision for an appropriate purpose. Access to the hangar and other parts of the building is achieved thru a door controlled with access codes, which are periodically changed. This is a 24-hour operation that has company personnel always available.


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