IAC 2016 Year in Review and 2017 Look Ahead

2016 proved to be an eventful year, most notably with the rebrand from our three legacy companies to the new International Aerospace Coatings name. Leading Edge Aviation Services, Associated Painters and Eirtech Aviation merged legal entities and have officially changed its name to International Aerospace Coatings, Inc. The official US IAC brand launch celebration will take place at MRO Americas in April in Orlando. We hope you can join us there!

Globally, our company painted over 725 aircraft in 2016 across 9 locations – all while averaging customer satisfaction scores at 95%. We renewed a 5-year contract with our longtime US customer, Southwest, and secured a new 5-year agreement with the International Airlines Group (IAG) in Europe. We also enjoyed painting several special liveries for our customers, including:

• Alaska/Virgin merger “More to Love” special livery
• Rossiya “Tiger” livery
• Southwest “California One” livery
• Southwest “Orion” livery
• Southwest “Lonestar One” livery
• United “Continental Retro” livery
• “Hillary for American” campaign plane

2017 is already off to a good start. We’ve set aggressive goals to stay ahead in the industry, to benefit our customers, and to grow on the solid foundation we’ve set in 2016. One of these objectives is to further integrate our global supply chain this year to meet our customers’ growing demands and to be able to offer similar commercial terms to our international carriers whether they are working with us in the US, Europe, and now Asia. We’re pleased to share that in January of this year, we began operating our newest location in Singapore, marking our first ever presence in Asia. We understand the value of offering our international carriers additional locations and scheduling flexibility and are assessing additional expansion efforts in that region. For our US based customers, evaluations are underway for an east coast solution that we hope to announce later this year – stay tuned!

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