Hiring Continues to Rise!

When seasonal or other immediate needs arise, IAC ramps up hiring within a short period of time! Recently, our site administrators have been doing just that, hiring 65 painters during our August ramp-up, resulting in 43% of our total hires to date, an additional 83 hires in September, 78 hires in October, and more in November.

IAC new hires come from all over the country and were sourced by bringing local communities, schools, Chamber of Commerce and other resources together to help understand how IAC can offer individuals employment opportunities. Targeting candidates interested in a career through training and thoroughly explaining our employment process helped attract large amounts of, high-quality employees to become a part of the IAC Team.  Our Painter Progression Program, has been instrumental in providing employees a career progression path with actionable steps for employees to help empower their personal growth.

While cyclical hiring has its challenges, our HR team recognizes they must focus on “strategic staffing” – the process of identifying and addressing the staffing implications of our business plans. By applying three basic elements:

  1. Defining the number and types of employees who will be needed at a point in the future to implement plans effectively
  2. Identifying and expanding the staffing resources that are currently available
  3. Projecting the “supply” of talent that will be available at that point in the future (e.g., factoring in the effects of turnover, retirements, planned movement, etc.)

We continue to move forward successfully and quickly!

If you or someone you know is interested in a career with IAC please email us at careers@iac.aero and/or mary.duboyce@iac.aero.  Let this be your first step to an exciting new career with IAC!

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