Lake City, Florida (LCQ) Receives Their Air Agency Certificate

Lake City, Florida (LCQ) has received their Air Agency Certificate from the FAA. Which means as of May 2, 2018 LCQ is a Part 145 satellite repair station. This was a process that was started last year and was accomplish through hard work and dedication. LCQ was a startup site with many obstacles to overcome, obstacle’s like a lack of manpower, lack of equipment and a hangar in desperate need of repairs. Let’s not forget each Departments needed to be built up and organized. All the departments worked together to get the LCQ facility up and running of their first aircraft, which was done in record time. On top of that LCQ was also working on getting the facility ready for the FAA audit which would approve us to be a satellite repair station. The QC department worked with GEG, FTW and LCQ management team to ready the facility.

For an example:
• QC needed to train and build up employee’s training records.
• Calibrated tools needed to be gathered, certified and documented.
• The hangar needed to be presentable and up to code before the FAA audit.
• Audits were done to approve and update vender list.
• Management and inspection personnel roster was built for LCQ.
• Storage cages and Hazmat storage need to be set up.
• Hazmat disposal was needed.
• Quarantine cage was needed.
• Internal audits were performed to evaluate and track progress of the LCQ facility.

Time and time again the FAA audit kept on getting push back, but LCQ never lost focus and would use that to continue to prepare the facility. When the FAA finally arrived LCQ was more then ready and it would show, because at the end of the audit the FAA had ZERO findings for LCQ.

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